Thursday 31 March 2011

On NRMP bashing

hello all, there are several posts that are made by members expressing their frustration at the system. they feel NRMP has wronged them by not matching them with a program. what they fail to realize is that NRMP is just a messenger, if you dont like the message dont shoot the messenger! simple as that. the programs decide where you are going to be placed on their list. NRMP only makes the algorithm to make sure that YOUR wishes comply with the programs needs. pehaps people dont have an idea of how the deal works.  

1. yes there are people with multiple attempts and rotten CVs who match.
2. yes there are people with double 99s who do not match. 
3. there are very significantly more people with multiple attempts and bad CVs who dont match 
4. there are very significantly more people with double 99s who match. 

Even if someone with a bad CV does end up matching, it is more often than not going to be a "poor" program ( I am not going to define or argue about the merits of a particular program, but there are some common understood yardsticks by which a program is considered to be 'good' or 'bad', note I do not consider 'IMG friendly' program to be necessarily good.) when a double 99er does not matter, then the CV had glaring holes that the PDs has reservations about event though they do not doubt the credentials of the board exam. OR the double 99er set his expectations too high and therefore failed to matchup with the other worthy candidates.NRMP bashing though is a good defense mechanism, It only adds to the confusion, superstition and misleads the members ( ref. survey email: No, it does not work that way). 

I do not work for NRMP, though i know the system has been harsh on a few, it has worked for the past 25 years or so. 

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