The Interviews

  1. How to succeed at a residency interview
  2. Dress code for residency interview. 
  3. How create a strong good impression in residency interview 
  4. How Important Is Post Interview Contact And Second Visit For Residency?
  5.  Red flags during a residency interview
  6. Advice to practice for interviews
  7. Improve self-confidence to boost your residency chances
  8. 15 tips for a phone interview
  9. 16 things to consider for residency interview day.
  10. Interview to ranking to match: critical choke point for residency applicant. 
  11. Things to carry on person for residency interview.
  12. Applying to multiple programs at same institution 
  13. Motivation: how to convey it correctly during an interview

  1. How does interview affect ranking of applicants (part 1)
  2. How does interview affect ranking of applicants (part 2)

  1. Commonly asked residency Interview questions
  2. Dealing with residency interview questions (1)
  3. Dealing with residency interview questions (2)
  4. How to deal with interesting case question on residency interview
  5. How to deal with health care improvements question on interview
  6. How to deal with academic or private practice in career question. 
  7. Questions to ask the interviewer during residency interview 

  1. Check list for IMGs prior to residency interviews
  2. Making connections work for you: following up on your referral
  3. Post interview feedback from program directors
  4. On thank you note after interview
  5. What if you miss an interview?
  6. Share your Interview experiences here
  7. When will I hear from residency programs?
  8. Recognizing interview fatigue.

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