Monday 7 November 2011

Interview for residency - 2

Analysis of various aspects of residency interview influencing decision to rank applicants

Data was obtained from NRMP program directors survey results 2010. The values are Mean importance rating in ranking applicants. Range was from 1 to 5, where 5 was very important. Multiple subjects including Internal medicine (IM), family medicine (FM), neurology, pathology, psychiatry etc were compared with a color coded heat map with respect to four characteristics of an interview. These are
1. Feedback from current resident
2. Perception of professionalism and ethics
3. Perceived commitment to specialty (not program)
4. Leadership qualities

Fig 1. relative importance of various aspects of conduct during residency interview

Feedback from current residents was consistently given very high weight when it came to ranking applicants, but the importance was not as much as that given to interaction with faculty. IM had the lowest score when it came to listening to its own residents. FM and med/peds were again at the top. Derm, EM and Ob-gyn were heavy on the professionalism and ethics aspect of interview while others placed a lukewarm importance on it. Commitment to speciality was given most importance by pathology while AGAIN IM did not seem to care as much if you were committed to being in IM or not. This could be a reflection of the fact that many IM residents after their training end up being specialists and don't practice as internists. Dermatology was obviously looking for a strong leadership role followed by surgical specialties. IM and path were not looking particularly placing an emphasis on strong leadership. interesting.


1. All programs placed importance feed back from residents
2. For IM being professional and ethical mattered more than interactions with residents, commitment to specialty or having strong leadership characteristics.
3. Family medicine placed most importance on feedback from current residents along with Med/Peds. This means if you are on FM or M/P interview pay more attention to talking to residents, chief residents and connect with them.
4. Psychiatry was very impressed with a person who was a ethical and a professional person with a impressive feedback from current residents.

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