Secrets of Match Success

  1. Factors for residency interview and match success
  2. Know Your Competition
  3. Know Your Competition (part 2)
  4. Dealing with residency match stress.
  5. How competitive is your specialty of choice?
  6. Self Assessment as Tool for Predicting Residency Chances  
  7. At which point is the step 1 score my chance of matching in my favor?
  1. Best programs for applicants with attempts in Step 1
  2. How Step 1 score affects interview invitations
  3. How step 2 CK score affects interview invitations. 
  4. Importance of Step 2 CS score/attempts in program interviews.
  5. Does timing of interview affect ranking of applicant?
  6. Does timing of USMLE exam results affect residency chances?
  7. What are your chances of being invited for interview based on specialty
  8. How many applicants are you competing with for that one spot?
  9. Number of interviews and chances of match
  10. Trends in USMLE residency positions 
  11. Program rank order list (ROL) and implications for residency applicants
  12. Proportion of Interviews, Ranked and Matched applicants for Primary IMG Friendly Specialties.
  13. Proportion Of Interviews, Ranked And Matched Applicants For Secondary IMG Friendly Specialties
  14. Correlation Between Programs Inviting Applicant For Interview And Level Of Interest In The Specialty.
  15. Comparison of match rates to median contiguous ranks. 
  1. Maximize 'off cycle' match chances
  2. How to convince programs of your interest in a specialty
  3. How to effectively rank programs in ROL
  4. Will refusing a prematch affect my chances of being ranked?
  5. Match statistic 2011 infogram
  6. Match statistic 2012 infogram
  7. Why 15+ interviews and still no match
  8.  ROL length, position of program and match result.

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