Thursday 31 March 2011

10 tips for Ranking programs in ROL

1. Your choice on top: Rank all the programs you absolutely love on top
2. University versus community: Rank all univ programs at the top (visa issues excluding). 
3. Community programs are good too: You can place community programs on top of the list if thats where you want to go
4. Visa status: It is preferable to place H1b sponsoring institutions on top if you are planning to continue practising in US
5. Program said I am awesome: Do not base your order list on where you think the program is going to rank you. Applicant ROL is used first in the algorithm and then the program.
6. If you match and where you match: Where you match depends on the choice of your ROL while whether you match or not depends on the ROL of the programs.
7. Revisited: Rule no.5 repeated, do not rank programs high depending where u think are the greatest chances, rank those programs high where you want to go. 
8. Consider all factors: Take all factors in consideration like locations, proximity to relations, fellowship programs, training opportunities etc when youa re making your ROL.
9. Use the deadline to play with the list: Revise and reorder your ROL as long as you can but give it a good thought, once your ROL is set, you cant change it after the deadline.
10. Know NRMP violations policy: It is not breaking NRMP policy if you declare to the program that you have ranked it at the top, however, the program cannot do the same as it will be then breaking policy.

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