Wednesday 1 August 2012

Proportion Of Interviews, Ranked And Matched Applicants For Secondary IMG Friendly Specialties

Using data from the NRMP program results, we find an interesting trend between number of applying candidates, applicants interviews, ranked to a program and matched numbers. The figure below shows the mean number of interviews, ranked and matched applicants in secondary IMG friendly specialties. A similar analysis of primary IMG friendly specialties has been done and can be viewed at the link provided.

  • “Interviewed” refers to the average number of applicants a program has interviewed.
  • “Ranked” refers to the average number of applicants the program places on their rank order list
  • “Matched” refer to the average number of applicants that match into a program. This is generally the number of positions that program has.
  • “Secondary IMG friendly” program refers to specialties which IMGs apply to but are not the core group of IM, FM, Peds, Psych.
Fig. 1: Proportion of interviewed, ranked and matched applicants (Source NRMP)

As can be seen in the figure, Programs in anesthesia had the highest average number of applicants interviewed. Anesthesia also has the highest number of applicants ranked to programs and highest applicants that matched. Compared to radiology, Ob gyn and surgery, which occupied a central position, Neurology had the least number of applicants interviewed per program, ranked per program and matched per program. The numbers in the bars denote the mean number of applicants for respective category. 

What is the implication of this information?

16 applicants are interviewed for one position in Radiology
13 applicants are interviewed for one position in Anesthesia
12 applicants are interviewed for one position in Ob-Gyn
12 applicants are interviewed for one position in Surgery
12 applicants are interviewed for one position in Neurology

Thus to maximize chances in matching in radiology you likely need 16 interviews, anesthesia 13 interviews, Obgyn, surgery and neurology are at 12 interviews each. This is the mean and numbers can be different for individual programs.

If some one has the above number of interviews, then the chance of matching is exceptionally strong. However, you only need one interview to match because, if you ace that one interview, you can still be ranked at the top of a program ROL and match into that program. Therefore if you do not get as many interviews, do not be disheartened instead focus on the few you have! If you wish to be in touch and get the latest posts and updates, join me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Also Scroll below  for the most popular articles this week!

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