Sunday 17 July 2011

How to fill ERAS common application form (CAF) and sample CAF

Often I see folks having difficulty with the CAF on ERAS. This is a relatively simple form and the most problems encountered are in areas like year of graduation, work experience, research experience or observerships etc. Here, I have posted a sample form to help folks who are struggling with the basics of the CAF. Goodluck!

page 1

page 2

page 3


  1. Hello, Droidor.

    I have a question. I'm an IMG, but my mother's a US citizen. I have an application for a green card at my country's US embassy that started about 2 years ago. They tell me that they'll eventually give me one since I'm entitled to that, but it'll take a while (some said between 3 and 6 years).

    Now the question is, do you think I should just choose the "Pending application for permanent residency" option in MyERAS profile? And then just hope for a J1 even though I'm waiting for a GC? Have you heard of any type of bias against this, or is it just the usual bias against any IMG?

    P.S.: Love your blog. =)

    1. I have come to believe that the visa section on ERAS is 'additional info' type deal. The most important screen most programs have are scores and year of graduation. There are very few schools that do not accept IMGs and you wont be applying to them anyways (i hope). I dont think that choosing one or the other matters at this step, but since it is going to take you at least 3 years to get GC, will require a visa anyways, you shoud go ahead and make that clear from the get go. Thus in case you match - the program can start working on your documents without waiting for a clarification from you.

  2. Thank you this was very useful!


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