Monday 18 July 2011

Which is the best list for IMGs (residency criteria including)

There is much discussion about lists. This is usually a compilation of places which have a track record of being so called 'IMG friendly'. While on one hand it is good to know about the places where your application is going to be considered, there are some caveats that are inherent to these 'lists'. 
Ideally, the lists are supposed to be tailored to the applicant. This way the needs of the individual applicant are taken into consideration and by 'needs' I pretty much mean all of the points that go into the application. Remember, being and IMG and needing a visa is just ONE Of the many factors that shape your application. Only YOU know what you want and will seek it out. These days however, things have become so chaotic, that IMGs frequently opt for any position just to 'get a residency'. Don't sell yourself short. If you have good credentials, then take a little time out and exercise caution in the generic approach. Yes, you will get interviews from do-hickey places in NY and NJ where IMGs are dime-a-dozen, but you can do better. Study the programs, call up the places, invest in a good phone card or since most applicant IMGs are already in US (read my article - IMGs - Know Your Competition), they already have a cell phone, use it. Filter the places based on your likes and the apply. A word of caution though, don't be too critical and choosy apply broadly and wisely NOT indiscriminately. (check this out, How to effectively rank programs in ROL)
It is a ok to use commerical lists but remember using these lists in itself is not going to enhance your CV per say. The very best list is the one you compile yourself for your case. This is tedious but can have a big payoff. If you are short on time or dont want to go the extra mile, then invest in commercially available lists. Remember, there are hundred of others who are going to use the identical lists, so it kind of negates the competitive advantage. But, commercial lists have their use when you just have NO idea what you want or where you want to apply. I did not use any list when I applied and I am an old grad who matched in an excellent UNIVERSITY program with H1B visa sponsored and that lead me to get a solid FELLOWSHIP in the field of my choice.

So don't be a lemming and do what everyone is doing. Soon enough you will find yourself at a edge of a cliff, too late to stop. (*Because of their association with this odd behavior, lemming suicide is a frequently used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences, read more about Lemmings). If you are looking for a way to make your own list, here is a quick guide to making your own IMG friendly list.


  1. hi... what are the top things I should ask when I call a program for information? Thanks

  2. Before the interview: do they sponsor H1, how many IMGs in the program, how many LORs they need, do they offer pre-match are the ones I can think of the top of my head.

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