Friday 12 June 2020

A perspective on the recency of this blog.

Dear readers and followers of the blog,
I started this blog back more than a decade ago as I was going through the process of applying for residency. By any standards, I was an “old Grad”, having been out of medical college for many years. I went through the graduate school route, did research and then applied for residency. The blog was an outcome of my experiences and an outlet for analysis of NRMP match outcomes data.

          There is but a point that some of you may or may not have realized. Many of the articles on the blog content are more than 5 years old, that’s when I stopped writing due to the busy-ness of life (family, personal life, work etc.). It is a tough road for an IMG, and it is good to have any help along the way. Which is why I am now deciding to get back to writing, informing and helping.

          Many of you have reached out in the meanwhile to ask specific questions about your situation. I have not been able to respond to all them, some I have. I am doing this because that I can give back to those who are in same position by sharing my experience and advice. I am not up to date with the policy and exam changes for IMG residency. One thing is true, many appreciated posts have endured over the years as still relevant.

          This is blog is a labor of love and I am not getting any significant income from it. Some ad related income goes towards website upkeep and maintenance. It is neither appropriate nor necessary to make this a paid site. I have been in your situation and know what situation IMGs come from. We may not have education debt as common as it is for US grads but IMGs do have limited funds. The USMLE process is expensive: educational material, exams, interviews, the list of expenses keeps adding up. So, I do want to keep this site a free resource for anyone who is in the same journey.

          If I do not respond to your individual email or Facebook message, please do not take it personally. If there is a theme that emerges from many people asking the same kind of question, I could work post to help out. I will pin this post on facebook page, so that readers do have a general overview of where things are at present.

Stay safe and take care

Good luck!

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