Monday 21 May 2012

Most IMG friendly states for Neurology

This article explores which states are favorable for the foreign medical graduate in the subject of neurology. A while back, I wrote an article, which described the top ten best and worst states for an international graduate seeking residency in US but included numbers across all specialties. This article is based off most current data and and gives a subject specific breakdown of the IMG friendly states. The states have been listed on the left and include the fifty-two continental US states and the percentage of IMGs in the state are depicted by the bar graph. The data is compiled from NRMP, results and data section.

IMG friendly states for Neurology (2012), Source: NRMP

Top 10 worst states for an applicant seeking neurology residency are,

  1. South Dakota
  2. Arizona
  3. Colorado
  4. Idaho
  5. Iowa
  6. Kansas
  7. Nevada
  8. Tennessee
  9. Virginia
  10. Washington

The reason I have included the ones above, is because they are states where a foreign graduate still tends to apply. I have excluded states like Hawaii and Alaska because the applicant is aware that these states are no friendly or that the applicant is not attracted to these states. The ones listed above are places where applicants tends to make a mistake of applying.

Top 10 Best states for an applicant seeking neurology residency are, 

  1. Mississippi
  2. Nebraska
  3. Vermont
  4. Louisiana
  5. New Jersey
  6. Kentucky
  7. Michigan
  8. Illinois
  9. Arkansas
  10. New Hampshire

The caveat here is to remember that these reflect percentages and do not reflect the number of positions. Thus if one program has 2 seats and 1 is IMG then it is 50% 'IMG friendly' as opposed to another which has 10 positions and 3 are IMG which then is 30% 'IMG friendly' even though it has most spots. This aside, the percentage does reflect the IMG friendliness scale of each state and allows for the applicants to select and choose the appropriate programs for the specialty of their choice.  This list will also help save money in application costs by _not_ applying to those states which have zero foreign trained residents. Go back to the main page of this section to check out other specialties. If you want to receive updates and stay in touch join on facebook or follow me on twitter!


  1. i didnt know that neurology was an img friendly speciality!!!!!!

    1. Compared to FM, IM, Peds and Psych. It is lower on the scale but for those who are interested in doing Neuro the above should help.

  2. do you have any input about the residency training and post training lifestyle/salary??

    i am debating between IM/psych/neuro/family

    i like psych the most, however it is frowned upon in certain communities, so I was leaning toward neuro in this case

    i do not want to do primary care, however I will apply

  3. This was my personal statement I wrote when applying to university. I'm so glad I can get to do the subject that is the love of my life! neurology residency personal statement


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