Tuesday 26 April 2011

Best IMG friendly states for successful match

Top IMG friendly states

International medical graduates (IMGs) apply all over the country. However, application is a expensive process and it would be nice to know which states are more welcoming for IMGs. Thus if an applicants wants to maximize his chances for matching to a program of their choice, applying wisely is the best strategy. Following article demonstrates us the states which are most IMG friendly.

North Dakota came in surprisingly the first with close to 65% of the residents being IMGs. This was followed by New jersey and Wyoming respectively with a little less than 60%. The top 10 IMG friendly states for residencies were :-

1. North Dakota ~65%
2. New Jersey ~60%
3. Wyoming ~58%
4. Nevada ~46%
5. New York ~45%
6. Connecticut ~41%
7. Michigan ~40%
8. West Virginia ~39%
9. Louisiana ~38%
10. South Dakota ~34%

US median was  ~23%

If you have limited means to apply make sure you apply to all programs in these states! Good luck!!

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  1. how good is california for IMGs....after all the effort for a PTAL...is there any chances there

  2. california is not generally IMG friendly. There are too many hurdles in the way, even after getting a PTAL you will still have fewer chances. However if thats the only place you can apply because of personal reasons then it might be worthwhile applying or else you should try others.
    good luck!

  3. could you please tell me how about maryland?

  4. Maryland is below the US national average as indicated from the AAMC data

  5. How good is Utah for a female IMG. My brother stays there, so would be easier for accomodation purpose. Is it possible to get an Observership in Utah for OBG? I have heard that it is really tough. Will a contact with a Endocrine fellowship student at the university be of any help in getting an observership if that person vouches for me? Plz help.

  6. CT, MI or MA?

    Which is better for primary stay before residency ? more observership & USCE chance? For Surgery-General & Radiology. thanks for your attention.

  7. This is quite obvious that residency personal statement help you to make a perfect statement for the particular subject. I hope you understand the facts.


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