Tuesday 26 April 2011

Least IMG Friendly States for Successful Match

Least IMG friendly states

International medical graduates (IMGs) apply all over the country. However, application is a expensive process and it would be nice to know which states to avoid for IMGs. Thus if an applicants wants to maximize his chances for matching to a program of their choice, applying wisely is the best strategy and avoid applying to these states. Following article demonstrates us the states which are least IMG friendly.

10. South Carolina ~14%
9. Hawaii ~13%
8. California ~12%
7. North Carolina ~11%
6. Utah ~10%
5. Washington ~9%
4. Oregon ~8%
3. Colordo ~7%
2. Montana ~6%
1. Idaho ~5%

US median was  ~23%

If you have limited means to apply avoid applying to programs in these states! Good luck!!

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