Sunday 14 June 2020

Highlights of the update from NRMP regarding the match and COVID-19 situation

On recent residency match 
The NRMP states that it is providing ECFMG a list of matched IMGs. The travel ban may make it difficult for those that matched to travel to US to start residency. NRMP states that they are working with the residency programs and state department. This is to determine who may and who may not be able to begin the program on time. Or, It also suggests deferral or waiver option to start training following year. This may have implications on total number of vacancies that IMGs are able to fill next year. Please track waiver/deferral numbers.

On current and future recruitment
Fellowship applicant season is coming up next. NRMP and residency programs have to abide by public health recommendations. Limited travel and continued social distancing, will be norm, for the health and safety of all. For fellowship programs, it is recommending conducting a virtual, initial screening interview. It is also suggesting institutions improve their electronic information. Applicants will start seeing Virtual tours, extensive program details online. Also, video introductions from faculty and facilities will be common. The programs will put in place this process for fellowship interviews and refine it. I expect that it will persist for residency interview process. if the COVID-19 pandemic spills over well into next year.

NRMP COVID-19 FAQ (May 27, 2020) accessed June 14, 2020

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