Monday 15 June 2020

Temporary, emergency licenses to International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Wanted to make people aware that State of New Jersey is issuing temporary, emergency licenses to foreign-licensed physicians. On April 1, 2020, Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 112, which makes it easier for physicians licensed in countries other than the United States to become licensed as physicians in New Jersey on a temporary, emergency basis.

Eligibility criteria Comment
1) Reside in the United States Must be residing in the US
2) Be a United States citizen, legal permanent resident or otherwise legally present and authorized to work in the United States; Citizen, Green card holder, work visa (non-bound sponsored H1b). Student visa (F1), spouse, tourist visa etc will not be eligible.
3) Hold a medical license in good standing in a country other than the United States Certificate of good standing. No objection certificate
4) Have practiced clinical medicine under that license for at least five years during your career;  so they want essentially someone who has been in practice for at least 5 years
5) Have practiced clinical medicine under that license at some point during the last five (5) years; and Those who have done post-grad back home may qualify since some of the PG training can be 5 years or if you have been in clinica practice for 5 years
6) Limit your practice under your temporary emergency license to providing in-person clinical medical services practice will be only in NJ where ever they need you to provide in-person care.

Documents needed: 

1) Work authorization:  Your authorization to work in the United States – see types of visa that can work in us (table above)
2) Medical license: Your license number – from home country
3) Certificate: Good standing certificate for license.
4) Certificate: Certification that you have held that license and engaged in the clinical practice of medicine for at least five years;
5) Certificate: stating you have practiced medicine for last 5 years
6) Information about your education, training, work history, and specialty, and whether you hold an ECFMG certificate;
7) CV: resume or curriculum vitae 
8) Information about any criminal history, licensing disciplinary history, and history of complaints, grievances, or malpractice claims involving your practice of medicine (if you have any of these you may become ineligible see the details in the document – link below)
9) Agreement: you plan to provide in-person clinical medical services in a facility licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health, including field hospitals and long-term care facilities, or another location designated as an emergency health care center by the Commissioner of Health;
10) Agreement: you understand the limited scope and duration of the temporary emergency license.

Not Eligible/Who cannot apply:
1) Cannot practice in home country due to medical license restrictions
2) Disciplinary action by medical council
3) Arrested, charged or covicted of a crime in ANY country.
There may be a means to appeal these, please see details in FAQ document (link below)
This was as recent as 6/1/2020 12:54 PM , when the document was modified last. Information was accessed on July 15, 2020.

For additional details and official information with updates, check these links

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