Wednesday 17 June 2020

Top 5 residency specialities to match in 2020 based on applicant type

The latest NRMP data (2020) report top five specialties/specialty tracks to which U.S. MD seniors, US MD grads, US DO seniors, US DO grads, US IMG and non US IMG match.

US MD senior: 4th year medical (MD) student US citizen, sponsored by medical school.
US MD grad: Graduated from medical school, US citizen, not sponsored by medical school.
US DO senior: 4th year DO student US citizen, sponsored by medical school.
US DO grad: Graduated from DO school, US citizen, not sponsored by medical school.
US IMG: international medical graduate but US citizen.
non US IMG: International medical graduate not US Citizen

Relative distribution of the these top choices puts IM as a top choice and is the largest fraction for IMG (64%). This is in contrast to US IMG, US DO seniors and US MD grads who match with FM between 29 to 46%. Neurology and pathology are unique top 5 choices for IMG in 2020. Surgery and radiology are unique top 5 choices with US MD grads.

Proportion of applicants choosing their top 5 specialities

To analyze favorites in common, I performed network analysis and generated a model. I included top 5 choices for all subgroups for network models. Figure 2 shows, the relationships of type of applicants and their choices. Some important points stand out. The central location of the US MD seniors in the network confirm the known results of match. The largest edge (arrow) in the entire network connects US MD Seniors to IM residency. This suggests that largest cadre of applicants to IM residency programs is US MD seniors. US MD grads on the bottom right are out of the main network since they also have radiology and surgery in their top 5. As seen in figure 1, these were unique top 5 choices in this group. Non US IMG (bottom left) are still part of the network due to their robust connection to core IM node. They are on the periphery due to 2 unique tracks/specialties of Pathology and neurology.

Network model depicting unique and common top 5 specialties between applicant groups


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