Sunday 16 September 2012

Dress Code for Residency Interview

There are several sources online which discuss the appropriate attire required for interviews. Remember, as for any professional interview dressing professionally is the number one priority. Remember, you have a very small window to make an EXCELLENT first impression and you have to hard to prevent from leaving a poor impression. The problem is since almost every one of the candidates is going to be dressed well for the interview; your task is to then make sure you don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. If on the interview day, 10 candidates are dressed in well, then if you don’t step up to the level that others are at, then you will stand out as being not adequately dressed for the occasion. Some of the more common ways to dress for residency are shown in the infographic (figure 1) and include tips for both women and men.
Dress code for residency interview

 Another set of things to remember on the day of the interview include:

  1. Not chewing gum the entire day of interview, use mints instead
  2. Do not use the cell phone unless it is absolutely required
  3. Avoid a lot of jewelery, keep it simple and professional
  4. Cover up tattoos, body art and remove piercings that are obvious.
  5. Put the cell phone on vibrate, you don’t want your phone going off when the chairman or director of program is in morning report and your interrupt the session by your phone going off!
  6. Do not bring your coffee to the interview, they will provide you some coffee or juice in the morning. There may even be breakfast.
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