Saturday 29 October 2011

When will I hear from residency programs?

When will I hear from programs?

Today I am going to do a short topic about hearing back from programs. There is a lot of discussion as to when the programs send acceptance or rejection letters to applicants. I am going to present data that pertains to me but should give the other applicants a general idea as to when they will hear from programs. As you can see in figure the x-axis denotes the months while the y-axis denotes the number of programs. 

Fig 1. Frequency of 'negative' correspondence from programs

Since I applied to 120 programs I have set the scale to that. The graph only indicates the number of programs that I received rejections (negative correspondence) from. In september and october I heard back from 3 and 4 programs respectively, while according to ERAS this is the busiest time of the year for american medical graduates who have applied. seems like the trend is delayed by a month or so for IMGs. In november, I received rejection emails from 20 programs and then the number dwindled from eight in december to six and one in january and february respectively. I was surprised to hear from a  program (Univ. of Iowa) as late as february but heard from them nonetheless. 

Since November was the month that I heard from most programs, the interview invitation correspondingly were also the most in this month (data not shown).

Total correspondence rate

The total number of programs that I heard from was 42 (rejections) plus 12 (invitations) was 54 which was a 45%. The rest of the programs did not bother to reply to my queries or send me an intimation either way. Hopefully this information will provide applicants and idea of when to expect a word from programs. This may be different for other applicants as it may be a case based finding but nonetheless can be a guideline. 

If you have heard back from the programs and are ready for some interviews be sure to read up about 16 things you must consider before residency interviews.


  1. Thanks for the post.I applied to 85 programs,IM and FM and so far have received 8 rejections and 2 interviews. My YOG is 2006 and my scores are 85/99/cs pass on 2nd attempt ,step 3 93. 3 months usce with 1 US LOR. Do I have chance of more ivs?

  2. Thanks for the post. Hopefully I will get more ivs in November. I applied to 85 programs,IM nd FM. So far, I've gotten 8 rejections and 1 iv. My yog is 5 yrs, my scores are 85/99/cs pass on 2nd attempt/93. 4 months usce in private clinic. Do you think I have a chance of getting more interviews?

  3. you should hear from more programs in month of november. And by that fact you can expect to get a few more IVs. let me know how it goes. good luck!

  4. Hi,

    I am a 2011 graduate,IMG with 232/99,256/99 in steps and passed cs in 1st attempt.I have 3 and half months of USCE and got some good US lors.I applied to around 160 programs in IM and got only 3 IVs till now.Is there any chance to get more interviews?What can I do to increase my interview number?

  5. You have excellent scores and are a recent graduate. 160 programs is a good number. You should have heard from more than just 3 places. Wait till end of this month and start calling the programs. Your credentials are really good, it may just be badluck but dont be disheartened, contact programs/PD and as them to consider your application.

  6. Gani, are you privy to the content of your LORs? How confident are you about the recommendations, given how well your cred is, that might be some thing to look into.


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