Sunday 7 October 2012

Things to Carry on Your Person for residency Interview

This is a list of things you need to do on the day of interview and things you need to carry with you on person. Please feel free to add and comment any more things that you think are important to take with you and you can leave a comment in the section below.

  1. Check out in the morning at the hotel counter, always request for receipt so you can store it you file, it will be important because -
    1. You can cross check against the amount they will charge to your card
    2. Important if you decide to file for itemized deductions for income tax purposes.
  2. Many hotel front desks will arrange for a shuttle to drop you off at the hospital if close, or call a cab for you - make use of that facility.
  3. If you are close to the hotel – you can request the front desk to store your luggage in the storeroom till you come back and collect it.
  4. If you are not going to come back, then you will have to carry it around with you
  5. Seek out the program office and get in touch with PC. Very often she/he will graciously allow you to leave your luggage in the office or at least make arrangement for it to be stowed somewhere safe.
  6. On your person, have your
    1. Print out of program itinerary (you may have been mailed an itinerary in advance by email)
    2. Print out of names, contacts, numbers and addresses of the program (you can get this information from the program website)
    3. Most recent updated CV
    4. A copy of your most recent resume, read about the difference between CV and resume
    5. Copies of any new letters of recommendation that you may think are important and could not add to ERAS. You can personally hand them to PD – remember, no matter how well they might be sealed they are considered ‘not waived’.
    6. Travel related documents
      i.     Airline details 
      ii.     Taxi or shuttle details to get back to airport
      iii.     Hotel details in case you are heading back to hotel
    1. Phone – please switch to silent or vibrate
    2. Small brush or comb/ a small heavy duty towel you can put in your inner coat pocket (always helps to have some form of handkerchief on person, since you may not be able to access your luggage in the day)
    3. Mints. No gum.
    4. No Ipad, Ipods, PDA please
    5. No cigarettes 
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