Thursday 31 March 2011

On saying thanks after interview

For the last several years, I have gone to applicant dinners, lunches and to chaperone residency applicants. Having been on the other side as well as this side of the match drama, I think that writing a thank you note after the interview is very good thing for several reasons.

1. The letter should be addressed to the program director thanking him AND the program for inviting you to an interview. This is especially true if they arranged for pre-interview dinner or made arrangements for accommodations.
2. It is another opportunity for you to communicate with the program director and not seem too eager and desperate. Check this post to use this opportunity to ask for prematch.

Thank you notes are a good idea after the interview
If you are in US, it might be worthwhile sending a note with basic postage giving it a personal touch. E-mail is quick but also tends to be impersonal and can be deleted without consideration.

However, now I know that it is best that you correspond with the program director, it may also be very worthwhile writing (email is fine) to the residents that you met with, Chief residents (if you met them) and the other faculty that you may have interviewed with after the interview day. 

This is because program director is not able to make a comprehensive judgment of the applicant and therefore receives a important input from the interviewing faculty, Chiefs and other residents. Therefore it is important to talk to these people that have spoken with you. 

Drop them a line and say thanks and tell them how much you appreciate their time and effort during the interview. This creates a positive impression and makes you stick out from the rest of the crowd, thus when the selection becomes your name is remembered and this makes a big difference. 

"If 3 people from the program end up commenting good things about you, it is not going to be a bad thing is it?"
A thank you note is good reminder of that interview and if it went well, then it just reinforces the applicants position.


  1. How can I know the emails of interviewing faculty, Chiefs and other residents? How can I know their full name?

    1. I have approached this topics in another section. Check this out

    2. Hope this helps! Good luck


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