Thursday 31 March 2011

On CV, CAF and publications

Comments, editorial and letters to the journals like NEJM should always be mentioned in the CV and the CAF. If the discussion during the interview veers towards this then by all means talk about it to the PD. 

If there is no opportunity to bring it up, try and transition your conversation towards your accomplishments and how you are an asset to that program. Talk about your publications then.  on a side note Lancet, JAMA and NEJM have high impact factors they are very well respected in the clinical community so if you have something in there it would be good to put it out there.


  1. hi...Thanks for all the information...
    I had a quick question. I did some of my clerkship rotations in US and while mentioning the description of the experience, how much should I write. I had tried my best to learn as well as get LoR from each rotation. So actually ended up doing a lot of things like clinics, inpatient, research conferences and many other conferences.
    CAN you please help me with it?

  2. mention in brief the top points of what you have done. upto 4-5 lines of description will be good.


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