Sunday 24 April 2011

Physician J1 waiver requirements made easy

General instructions
In this pictogram the general instructions and steps for J1 waiver application are outlined. Click on the image for larger view. Hopefully this flow chart will give a broad sense of what is needed for filing J1 waiver

Physician Requirements
1. Department of State Data Sheet (2 copies)
2. Readable copies of J-1's IAP-66 and/or DS 2019 forms for each year in J-1 status
3. IMG Physician Statement [see 22 CRF Chap.1, Sec. 41.63(c)(4)(iii)]. MUST be in exactly this format: "I, (insert Name of exchange visitor) hereby declare and certify, under penalty of the provisions of 10 U.S.C. 1001, that I do not now have pending nor am I submitting during the pendency of this request, another request to any United States Government department or agency or any State Department of Public Health, or equivalent, other than (insert Name of U.S. Government Agency requesting waiver) to act on my behalf in any matter relating to a waiver of my two-year home-country physical presence requirement." Statement must be signed by the physician and dated.
4. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV) and include your Social Security number
5. Three letters of recommendation (LOR) from current U.S. residents who know the J-1 physician's qualifications
6. Credentials (diplomas, licenses / license application)

Also, I found an excellent algorithm for the process in the Government Accountability Office (GAO) publication, GAO-07-52 Foreign Physicians: Data on Use of J-1 Visa Waivers. Here is the screen shot of the process.

from the US GAO

While filing for a waiver or applying for a green card ,you will be asked time and time again for a professional CV, read about tips for managing and formatting a professional CV.


  1. Is a no objection from home country required for J1 waiver?

    1. Hi Gani, A few sources that I checked up on, required the NOC for J1 waiver.


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