Thursday 8 November 2012

Power Of Words: Getting Your Point Across Using an Email

Effective communication is the single most important aspect of a residency interview. While medical schools do a good job of teaching us about the intricate workings of human biology, we often fall short in the science of communication. There are several avenues where our personality, skills and talents can be showcased and are (but not limited to.)

  • Email correspondence
  • Phone conversation
  • Personal statement
  • Interview

There is limited time to make a remarkable impact and leave a lasting impression on the minds of the people who matter.

Each occasion is an opportunity to make a lasting impact and today’s article will focus on writing to programs or for potential interview positions. If you stand out in a positive manner then there is a fair chance that you will be selected for a residency interview and subsequently a residency position. The following are key points that one should follow and make a habit of when corresponding. These traits come naturally to some folks, while some have to develop these. NO matter how, you get them; they are going to be exceptionally useful in making an extraordinary impact on the reader, audience and the persons interviewing you. 

  • Think before you speak/write and review
  • Be meaningful
  • Answer and converse in an engaging manner
  • Be relevant
  • Use words that create an impact.

If you are going to write an email to the programs, make the emails count. Improper grammar, poor word choice and incorrect sentencing leave a reduced impression and most likely the reader will not be compelled to reply to or take interest in your e-mail. Before you hit the send button make sure you read and go over the content and see if the prose flows well. If you are replying to an email, be engaging and reply in relevant manner.
Fig 1: Pentad of effective communication

It may also be a relief to know that email, as medium of communication is relatively new in chronology of written communiqu├ęs. The paradigms are not set and unless there are glaring errors in your content or delivery, it will likely be received with no issues.

Remember to use words that make an impact. Finally in closing check out the interesting video on YouTube.

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