Friday 30 May 2014

Question and Answer Session - 2

Q1. Sohio14 writes on PhD as an Alternative for International Medical Graduates (April 2014 19:26) Hi Sir, Thank you so much for your great advises. I would appreciate if I can have your professional opinion about my situation. My step 1 is 224, CK 213, but the problem is that I passed the CS in my third attempt. I am a carib grad and a U.S. citizen. Do you think I have more chance in Path or Psych? If doing master like immunology or biochem for Path or Neuroscience for Psych would increase my chances? Thank you.

A1. Path and Psych are both pretty competitive as is. 3 attempts on Step 2 CS is a tough obstacle to surmount. At this point the returns are going to follow the concept of 'diminishing returns'. In my opinion, Masters in immunology or neuroscience are not going to increase your chances much. The best recourse at this time is see if you can make strong connections with psychiatry faculty or pathology faculty who can vouch for you as a person for your traits (hardworking, intelligent etc..) and can thus offset the fact that your did not perform well on the CS exam.
Q2. eli james wrote on Do non-medical things count on the residency application? (12 April 2014 13:40) so i had his question in mind it might seem a bit of topic but i am an IMG does GRE scores and MPH scores make for a good CV or are they worthless? 

A2.  This is a good question, thought  I don't think they mean much to write on your CV. I did have them under the standardized exam scores section on the CV. So certainly wont hurt if you do.
Q3 eli james writes on How important is research for IMG to match? 12 April 2014 14:00 hi ,droidor im an img from pakistan .... im in my currently in med school . i will hopefly give my usmle in 4th year n i have gone for some observerships till now . In future i plan on going in one of the top 10 hospitals i have given the tofel exam with a 110/ 120 score .... so all im asking is should i give the GRE exams to improve my CV? i have no money problems thankyou for ur help

A3. Hello Eli, I suggest you plan your next steps after you are done with your USMLE and know what your scores may not need to do anything else if you scores are fantastic in which case, just apply and see how many interviews you get. It will be premature at this time to consider GRE/TOEFL if you do not want to pursue research as career and your ultimate goal is to be a practicing clinician.
Q4.  Anum write on On getting observerships USCE (4/16/2014) hello droidor! u are doing an amazing job! i wanted to get ab observership in Chicago in neurology. which hospitals do u think would be the best for that? and how to contact the program directors? do u have any contact IDs of Loyola or northwestern or UIC?? i have no idea how to even start on these things i m a total beginner. i was thinking of going through some companies like chicagoclerkship etc but they are asking for around 2500 for one month rotation. would it be the same even i try to do on my own? any suggestions please!! Thank you! 

A4. Hello Anum, at this time getting a neurology observership at any institution in Chicago would be good but getting it at a teaching program that has a neuro residency better. One way to approach this would be to write to department chair (not program director) for observership programs and opportunities. I do not have personal contacts at the institutions you mentioned. One careful consideration from private companies offering observerships is make sure that the placement is indeed at good institutions and not in private or semi-private setting.

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  1. What a great job you are doing here! I thank you for that. What do you think about choosing between Master + phD (6 years) and studying to become a nurse practitioner and work before applying for residency (6 years too).
    Graduated 2005, ECFMG certified, moderate scores, no US clinical experience, applied for residency once, got interviews but didn't match. Thank you


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