Thursday 31 March 2011

On getting program director email

Get Those Email Addresses
FREIDA or even ERAS do not list emails of faculty or program directors. This can be a setback because, there are times when you must write to the PD or faculty. If they are not on the site, then there is a very effective way of locating the email addresses.

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Put Search Engines To Good Use
Type their name and institution in google search with an @ character in there somewhere along with the abbreviation or name of the institution. you will get a few hits in the first 2-3 pages with their email addresses. I obtained the emails of so many programs and it worked for 80% - 90 % of the time.

Use The Institution Directory
Surf the website of the institution, you may end up finding the email addresses of the faculty hidden in the subpages or other links like directory.

Ask the office coordinator
Mail the program co-ordinator asking for the email address of the program director or specific faculty. They may be able to provide you with one.

Deductive Reasoning And a Dash of Luck
Lastly, if nothing works, go to the institution web page and look at the email address structure of the employees. Usually it will be something like,

Once you find a pattern and know the full name of the professor of faculty, type it in that manner and send it in! with some luck you should be able to get through to them.


    1. can u tell us as to what to write in the mail??what should it be all boooout??

      1. Hello Dr. Ramesh,
        It can be something as simple as "I like your program and I am applying there" to I want to do an observership in your program. Of course dont be so terse but the idea is to open a channel of communication. Once you have the emails you can send CV etc if needed. This is another means to network. If you dont network and plan an insular approach to residency, then you are stunting your chances. Hence the above.

    2. hi,
      i am done with my step 1 and planning to take my step 2 in the month of march can i search for the observership from now or should i wait until i get my step2 ck and cs results.any help is appreciated .thank you in advance

      1. Start your search now, the sooner you start the better it is since, time will be on your side. Getting these spots are getting tougher so the more you invest in finding one, the better the outcome will be.


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