Saturday 9 April 2011

On not matching and still getting a spot (window of opportunity)

According to the american medical association there is a small window of opportunity for people to get a residency spot. If you have interviewed and not matched or failed to scramble, then make sure you keep in touch with the programs.

According to AMA site
"If you do not match and cannot find a position during the Scramble (now replaced by SOAP), you still have a small window of opportunity in obtaining a residency slot. Some slots open up between July 1 and August 1 during the first few weeks of residency programs. Occasionally, residents do not show up for their slots or decide to leave early in the program. Programs that have your information on file will be much more likely to call you to fill a vacated slot. Therefore, it is important that you send a complete application package to a handful of programs by June 1 if you have not been matched. After the summer, it is highly unusual for any slots to open up."

check out how to maximize your chances for an off cycle residency --> here


  1. Do we randomly send out applications to programs? How do we know programs that have a vacant slot?

  2. check out this article

    a few ways is to use insider information to assess if there are vacant spots. other ways are find a resident or resident swap sites

    good luck!


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