Saturday 9 April 2011

On writing to your senior residents before begining residency

Starting out is stressful, seek help
A lot of the interns who will begin in July 2011 are coming to the US for the first time. There are also some who are moving to a new place. A good idea is to write to the program coordinator especially if you are looking for some basic start up things to buy.

Grab a hold of the graduating class
The graduating class (PGY3s at this time) that are leaving will often sell you furniture/cars or household appliances real cheap. One can get very good deals on TVs, sofas, furniture etc. I don't think many books are bought and sold but its worth a try.

Make connections, get lucky
Write to the program coordinator and ask if she could forward your request to the graduating class. It can be a  small succinct email about what you need.They may even have tips about places to live in, houses for sale or apartments for rent. Check here for housing for residency. You may get lucky and hear from someone who is moving and sell you for a good deal.

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