Tuesday 12 April 2011

On medicine inservice exams

USMLE boards are not the last exam you'll take
In service exams are mandatory in the first and second year in some institutions with the third years (PGY3s) excused from the exam if they have consistently performed well over the last years. The exam is usually held in october and the current dates for the exams are: The 2011 IM-ITE® will be administered Oct. 7 to Oct. 19, 2011, except Sunday, Oct. 9 and Sunday Oct. 16.

Comparison tool for ABIM pass rate
The in-service exam (also the in-training exam, ITE) is used as a comparison tool for residents and their preparedness for passing the ABIM.  Success of a training program depends on the passing rate of its graduating class and 100% pass rate is what all program directors strive to achieve.

Going easy in the first year
Interns (PGY1), give this exam to test their knowledge
of the system, expertise in medical diagnosis and treatment. You may do poorly on the test in the first year as it will be a benchmark against the subsequent results will be compared. If you do better each year, that shows you are progressing and that is what the PDs are looking for.

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