Monday 13 June 2011

Dress code for residents

All resident are expected to be appropriately dressed and well- groomed at all times.

This means khakis, pants or dress trousers, shirt & tie for the men, and skirts/pants & blouse or dresses for the women. 

Scrubs are only appropriate in the following circumstances:
o ICU Rotations
o Night Float
o On-Call
o Weekends
o After 24 hr call: even if a resident is post 24 hour call, he or she is still expected to take the time to make himself/herself look presentable.
o Some consult months (i.e. ER etc)

Unless, explicitly stated by the attending or team that days X or Y you can wear scrubs, don't wear them. Be professional and dress smartly. This includes no flashy body jewelry, bling bling, grilles, extra chunky rings, tacky globys earrings or necklaces. Be sophisticated. wear a good deodorant. It does not matter what the resident is wearing or medical student is wearing, they are not needing a residency spot, you are.  Dress well. 

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