Monday 12 September 2011

How to make you own IMG friendly list - quick guide.

mleresidencytips's Quick guide to making your own improvised IMG friendly lists.

After reading the article that says thet best list is the one you make for your self (if you haven't then you can read about it --> here)For all those who want a free list, have you tried doing the following?

1. go to frieda and print out a list of programs by state

2. go to google, if for example you are wanting a list for peds programs.

3. search for "abc pediatric residency program", where replace "abc" by name of the program

4. this will save you a lot of time by going to the meat of the matter directly.

5. you can refine your search further by searching for "current residents abc residency pediatrics"

6. look at the names/ pictures and medical schools (if available), this will give you an idea if the program is IMG friendly or not.

7. give each program a score (if you find 60%-75%) are IMGs then classify it as "IMG friendly", if 75%+ are IMGs then "super IMG friendly"

8. power through the list on frieda and lo and behold you have your own improvised list of IMG friendly and super friendly places!

9. you may apply to all IMG friendly programs and definitely apply to super friendly ones.

Good luck!

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