Monday 2 July 2012

Sample transcript of biostatistics for research

Biostatistics is covered under preventive and social medicine in the medical curriculum. If you are considering applying for research either as an alternative career for an IMG or as a work experience to enhance your CV, it is important to document that you have been trained in basic statistical techniques. Some graduate schools may have a requirement to have basic biostats prior to enrolling for some advanced courses and in this case, it can be a huge time and money saver to have the proof of biostats from your medical college. If you are looking for a research job, having this certificate in your file will certainly help your chances. While it not a standard practice for medical schools or colleges to provide a certificate of completion of stats course, it is not difficult to get a certificate from the department using the department letterhead/stationary proving that you have finished a course in statistics as part of your training in medicine. Shown below is an example of such a certificate which you can create for yourself.

Sample certificate detailing completion of biostats

the unformatted text is also presented here in case you wish to use it for your own purpose.
This is to certify that below mentioned prescribed courses were attended by __________ in the subject of Biostatistics as part of the subject of preventive and social medicine for his/her degree of M.B.B.S of University of _______________. These topics have been covered in the final academic year of the MBBS course and he/she has performed satisfactorily in the course.


Data collection
Classification and tabulation of data
Presentation of statistical data
Standard deviation
Normal distribution
Standard error of mean and proportion
Standard error of difference between means and proportions
Paired ‘t’ test
Unpaired ‘t’ test
x2 tests
Vital statistics
Common statistical fallacies and problems



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  1. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time.
    Research Sample

  2. Hello Droidor ,

    I would like to know if its possible for an IMG from India to get this transcript from the PSM department , Coz, as such in the MCI curriculum for PSM only the phrase "apply bio statistical methods and techniques" is mentioned and few dedicated biostatistics classes were conducted then.

    A regular mentee of your blog.

    1. Also,
      I would like to know if the compulsory internship postings are to be included in the overall transcripts which we obtain from the college , I have already included all the subjects, number of hours and the clerkship duties, will this do ??

      Thank You !!!

    2. You could approach your PSM dept head and ask for the dept seal and signature on the transcript prepared. we had a 2-day biostats crash course along with stats interspersed in other times of the teaching. Can you think if cumulatively in the 4.5 years of MBBS you have accumulated 32 hours of biostats? if yes, then you can make a case for a transcript like this, if not, you can request PSM dept to fill in this gap.

      My transcript did include the 4 blocks (medicine, surgery, Obgyn, other) rotations in overall transcript. I don't think you will have/do much say in the medical transcript issued by your institution.


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