Thursday 31 March 2011

On converting H1 to GC

How to Get a Green Card
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The best way to convert H1 visa to GC is to approach a lawyer who specializes in dealing with such issues. There are plenty of good lawyers in New York, Texas and California who have made this their expertise in dealing with medical professionals and converting their visa status. 

You can file for national interest waiver category by yourself but it can be expensive and time-consuming also very tedious. Green cards are usually filed in 2 categories EB1 and EB2, to maximize the chance of being granted one. 

If you chose to seek help of a lawyer, then you will be faced with an expense anywhere from $8000-$12,000 depending on your case.
Good luck!


    1. Thanks for the info. How much time does it take to get GC from H1.

    2. it depends on what category you file it under. it can be anywhere from 5 months to 5 years!

    3. Thx for reply. Thr are very few programs who sponsor GC for imgs aftr completion of first year residency. Can you tell in how much time the applicant receives GC.

    4. Very rarely there are some places that serve as a sponsor for institution-sponsored green cards. Most places do not. Employee/resident in this case has to file GC independently under EB1, EB1-NIW category. This may take upto a year if approved. Institution sponsered green cards still take several years to get through as there are multiple steps in obtaining the document.

      if you are on an H1-B visa, you can apply immediately in your first year iteself. If you are on any other type of visa like J1 then , you must return home for at least one year before applying for a green card

    5. Is there a reason only some programs will sponsor EB-2? My residency program is interested but they need guidance on how exactly to do this. I keep hearing that residents are not eligible because they are "trainees" and not full-time employees. Is there an actual policy disallowing residents to get greencard through their employer or is the HR department just new to this and is thus saying they can't do it?


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